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About April Kry

If you did a double take after seeing or hearing April Kry live, you wouldn’t be the only one- the Connecticut-born,  Nashville-residing powerhouse knows her voice doesn’t always line up with her just under five foot petite stature, but owns it like no other. Kry thrives on the surprise on people’s faces once their ears come across one single monumental note from her tiny frame; you definitely can’t judge this book by its cover, seeing as her booming vocals evoke different aspects of some of the best singers in country music like Faith Hill, Shania Twain and Carrie Underwood.

Singing since the young age of five, Kry grew up around music–her father is a worship leader in church, and encouraged his daughter to pick up the guitar at thirteen. It was her mother’s gift of a Martina McBride LP that made her realize that, even though she was born and bred on the east coast, her heart was obviously a lot further south. “I realized that country music was all about storytelling, and that’s exactly where I wanted to be” Kry says about McBride’s impact on her as an artist.

Before she headed permanently to Nashville at just twenty years old, Kry had a lot of impressive stops along the way–one of those stops being performing “God Bless America” at a gala where the keynote speaker was Jermaine Jackson, performing at the Apollo Theater’s Amateur Night and even as background vocalist for  Enya. Not many singers could  meld so well to such drastically different approaches and environments, but it’s a testament to how dynamic her skills are–and her influences, which range from gospel to pop and, of course, country. “I really love to incorporate  all  of  those sounds into my music,” she says. “I have a pretty big range of musical influences and have always been impressed with the  powerhouse  singers, regardless of genre, like Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. They’re in control and full of authority. They made me want to be that  kind of singer, too. Then I started to love John Mayer and Alison Krauss, and so many new worlds opened up to me.”

 “I love that music meets you where you are in life,” says Kry. Her newest single “While We’re Young” is romantic and perfectly shows off her vocal capabilities as it moves between soft speaking tones to her signature jaw-dropping belt that’s sure to knock you off your feet. A voice that’s complex, dynamic and larger-than-life can’t be beat when it comes to uniqueness and likeability.

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