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About April Kry

If you did a double take after seeing April Kry perform live, she wouldn’t be angry – the Connecticut-born, Nashville-residing powerhouse knows her voice doesn’t always line up with her petite stature, that slides in just under five feet. But Kry likes to surprise people, whether it’s with her booming vocals that evoke great belting singers like Faith Hill, Shania Twain and Carrie Underwood, her songwriting skills or her ability to tackle a cover of Nick Jonas one moment and Chris Stapleton the next, she’s constantly proving herself to be one of the most promising up-and-coming voices in country music. After all, the best things often come in small packages.

It takes just one listen to her new single, the thumping, infectious “Get Ready to Miss Me,” to show that Kry not only has a voice that’s complex, dynamic and larger-than-life, but also a passionate, fun and sassy point of view to match. Artfully blending her pop sensibilities with a perfect country quiver, she shows that it’s ok for a woman to say “see ya” to a man that might not share her values, or even just her love for George Strait.

“It’s a fun song, but it does have a deeper meaning and emotion,” explains Kry.” and a message of empowerment, which I feel really needs to be heard. It talks about taking a stand and not putting up with a guy who is not going to treat you with respect. I truly think there is a need for a song like this right now,” and many would agree, a voice like hers, too. Following in the path of country’s new wave of strong female singers, like Cam, Maren Morris and Kelsea Ballerini, and its genre-bending artists like Sam Hunt, Kry stands out for her effortless ability to move the Nashville sound even further while keeping its tradition of flawless vocals alive and well.

Singing since the young age of five, Kry grew up around music – her father is a worship leader in church, and encouraged his young daughter to pick up the guitar at thirteen (her faith is still a vitally important part of who she is as a person, and an artist). That simple action spurred her to discover not only the power of the instrument, but her love for country music and its lyrics, as well as strong modern pop storytellers like John Mayer. It was her mother’s gift of a Martina McBride LP that made her realize that, even though she was born and bred on the east coast, her heart was obviously a lot further south.

“Her songs, her voice – she’s one of my biggest inspirations,” says Kry about McBride. “I realized that country music was all about storytelling, and that’s exactly where I wanted to be. ”

Before she headed permanently to Nashville at twenty, Kry had a lot of impressive stops along the way – she performed “God Bless America” at a gala event where the keynote speaker was the legendary Jermaine Jackson, who personally encouraged her to pursue a career as a vocalist, at the Apollo Theater’s Amateur Night and even as background vocalist for Enya. Not many singers could meld so well to such drastically different approaches and environments, but it’s a testament to how dynamic her skills are – and her influences, which range from gospel to pop and, of course, country, covering everyone from the classics like Strait to its newest voices like Chris Lane.

“I really love to incorporate all of those sounds into my music,” she says. “I have a pretty big range of musical influences, because I grew up in the church. I have also always been impressed with the powerhouse singers, regardless of genre, like Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. They’re in control and full of authority. They made me want to be that kind of singer, too. Then I started to love John Mayer and Allison Krauss, and so many new worlds opened up to me.”

After arriving in Nashville and recording her first EP, Music Speaks, Kry set about assembling a dynamite team and hurried into the writing room, hard at work on songs for her next collection. “Get Ready to Miss Me,” in all of its spitfire sass, is just one side of what she has in store – the single’s b-side, “Heart Shaped Summer,” shows her prowess as a true power vocalist, earning undeniable comparisons to Twain as she jumps from a plaintive whisper to goose bump-inducing belt. Twain, with a modern point of view, of course.

“I love country music, and I love putting my own spin on it, too,” says Kry. “And if people are surprised by such a big voice coming from the tiny girl, then great. I love to shatter expectations.” One listen to “Get Ready to Miss Me” will prove she’s not only shattering expectations; she’s defying them, too.

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